A 19-year-old secondary school leaver, Chigemezu Arikibe, who is suppose to be learning a skill or writing Jamb was arrested by the Nigeria police after using fake social media accounts to defrauded a Cambodian woman to the tune of $75,000 (N27m at N360 to 1$).

The quest of money in Nigeria is getting too much. Everybody want to get rich quick and nobody is Checkmating the children.

TArikibe paraded himself on Facebook and Instagram as an American pilot working for a British airline so as to bait his victim, Sophanmia.

The fraudster told Sophanmia that he would send a parcel to her through a courier in Indonesia and asked her to send $800 for the service.

He was said to have contacted his friend in Indonesia to act as a courier agent and collect the money from his victim.

After sending the money, Arikibe came up with excuses why the parcel could not be delivered and persuaded the woman to send more money accumulating into $75,000.

The woman later realised that he was a Yahooboy, alerted the Nigeria Embassy in Cambodia when she discovered that “the American pilot,” communicating with her was calling from Nigeria and not the United States.

The embassy was said to have alerted the Nigeria Police and operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team led by DCP Abba Kyari went after Arikibe.

The suspect was trailed to the Mbaitoli area of Imo State where he is lived.

The 19 year old boy confessed to have learnt how to defraud people from his friend Ugochukwu. He said he usually watch how ugochukwu communicates with clients. As a quick learner, he started his own after only one week.

What is a 19 year old doing with N27 million?

What has Nigeria turned into for Gods sake.

People that are supposed to be learning a skill or in school are now fraudsters?