Every good and reasonable person would like to make his woman happy and enjoying been together with him. Many people use their money to impose the required joy to their wives and girlfriends. In whatever way it’s expected from a man to be there for his woman, that is his wife or girlfriend and ensure her happiness and general wellbeing.

But it’s not all the time that money will do the talking, a person has to know what would keep his relationship with his beloved alive and productive. This is an advise from another fellow who said on her Twitter account @sholarh_ that Ladies like forehead K!ss more than any kind of credit alert.

According to what this Lady said, this can be considered as an opportunity for men to reserve their money and at the same time make their women extremely happy with them.

Despite the added advantage of this method it’s advisable that men should spend on their women as they are meant to be treated with utmost care.