Video of lady who begs for forgiveness after being caught having a threesome with her man’s friend:

Guys, please check your girlfriend’s chat once in a while, I’m not saying you should not trust her. But sometimes alot is going on, that you will need to find out before it is too late!

A video of a guy interviewing his girlfriend after he discovered that his friend that he harbored in his two bedroom apartment was having an affair with her.

It happened that the lady’s boyfriend was checking through her chat and stumbled on an intimate conversation between his friend and his girlfriend.

In the video, the girlfriend acknowledged that she cheated on his boyfriend and therefore seeks forgiveness.

Women can be very deceitful, imagine getting down with a guy that your boyfriend is trying to help. The annoying part is, she is even the one begging fir the guy’s attention! To the point that they did 3some involving the guy’s girlfriend.

I won’t blame the boyfriend for sharing this video or what do you think?

See video here