A commercial motorcycle operator, Olanrewaju Adeyinka, 40, has stabbed his younger brother, Gabriel Adeyinka, 30, to death with jagged end of window louvre for bringing two life parrots home.

Olanrewaju said he returned from work and discovered that Gabriel, a driver, had brought the birds home, adding that his instruction that they should be removed was unheeded.

He told The Daily Crucible that in a bid to compel the younger brother to evacuate the provocative birds, a fight ensued between them and as they struggled, he (Olanrewaju) pulled a broken Louvre and stabbed his brother to death.

He explained that his brother died afterward. The incident took place days ago at Ilaro area of the state.

The remorseful Onlanrewaju who was praraded before reporters at Eleweran, the Ogun Police Command Headquarters by Police Commissioner, Kenneth Ebrimson, appealed to the government to pardon him.

He said there are three siblings without parents, lamenting that it would be devasting to the remaining immediate younger brother, if he (Olanrewaju) is sent to the Nigeria Correctional facility to spend life sentence.