The Lagos state High Court sitting in Ikeja is friday, February 14, told how a 35year-old painter, Dayo Gbadegeshin have been having sexual intercourse with his brother wife during her sleep for more than a year without the wife knowing.

Reports says Dayo live very close to his brother’s house in ikorodu to check on the family well-being.His elder brother Mr Opemipo who is married with 3 kids.He is a commercial driver conveying(Lagos-Ghana) and he comes home after every 2weeks intervals.

Asking the wife Mrs Evelyn,how the whole situation went, she said she have never cheated on her husband for once,she said what she can remember was that Mr Dayo do come for visitation every Friday of the week to check on her and 1-year-old daughter when her husband is not around and when coming he will get them different goodies but she insisted that what she can remember was her getting unconscious after eating some fruits and drinks he bought for her.she said “After eating some fruits and taking the chilled chivita drink I sleep for more than 10 hours and when I wake up I find myself so tired and helpless but I never knew something of such has happened.

After several interrogations by the police, Dayo confessed that when going to check on his brother’s wife he gets different fruits and drinks for her and got them injected already and he’s gonna wait to make sure she eats a little out of them before leaving.

He speaks further that when he feels she’s already feeling weak he tells her he should be on his way home and left with the intention of coming back after 30mins when the injection would have taken effect and he will Raped her to his satisfaction and leave when he’s okay.

The police stated he was caught in the act when one of their neighbor who they are into thrift contribution together came to check on her and saw him in the act with Mrs Evelyn laying unconscious and the neighbor raised alarm immediately.

He said he regrets his actions and want his brother and other family members to forgive him saying it was the work of the devil.

The husband was dumbfounded while he was receiving the news,Mrs Evelyn has been taken to a hospital for proper treatment.