A Nigerian prophet who calls himself a man of God, Michael Oluronbi has been sentenced yesterday, Friday 6th of March, 2020 in the United Kingdom where he lives and pastor to thirty four years imprisonment. His church is linked to a Birmingham branch of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church.

Micheal Oluronbi who is sixty years old was sentenced by Judge Sarah Buckingham of the Birmingham Crown Court in Central England. During the trial, prosecution says that there were at least 88 separate occasions on which the pastor raped his victims , who are now adults. The crimes took place in the 80s.Most of the offences were carried out when he was giving his victims ‘spiritual bathing’ which he had told them will cleanse them of evil spirits.

Several of his victims later became pregnant but the pastor who is also a trained pharmacist, took them to abortion clinics to get rid of the pregnancies so as to prevent the world to know his crimes.

The judge condemn Oluronbi of abusing his position of authority which he used to commit the crimes.

When asked about the offences that he commited, Oluronbi blamed the devil for making him to do it.