2019 saw a lot of progress from New artists In the Nigerian music industry.

One of the youngsters who graced our screen this previous year and still rocking it this 2020 was Rema the ‘dumebi’ crooner, signed to Don jazzy’s- Marvins Record.

With over Two million followers on Instagram, Rema appeared on the Faders magazine, who had featured the likes of Chris brown and Drake on it. One of his songs ‘Iron man’ also featured on baracks Obama Top 50 songs of the year.

But Rema is not the subject of this Article!

Y’all remember the pretty girl from his Dumebi video? Yeah, the supposed Dumebi-girl, the caramel skinned beauty! she’s the reason for this piece

She’s been up to a lot since shooting DUMEBI. From touring around the country to doing some Modeling and advertisement for small companies.

She’s also been doing a lot of business promotions on her Instagram page.

Believe me you, She’s indeed a beauty!

Check out some stunning photos of her now

(No doubt she loves good food or is this another type of strategy?🙄)

She’s beautiful right? Yeah, I knew you would think so too!😉

What are your thoughts?

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