Nigerians has been so stubborn when it comes to sit belt issues even though it for our safety but some people have disclosed that it makes them uncomfortable while driving while some don’t see the importance of it especially the commercial drivers in Nigeria. They only tend to put it on when they notice the presence of The Federal Road Safety Corps officials around due to the huge penalty that they pay for violating the law.

But in this particular case it was a woman conveying her sister who was in labour to the hospital so as to deliver her baby when eventually they will caught of with the Men of the Road safety and it was found out that even though the driver was on sit belt but since the passenger (The woman in Labour) wasn’t on Sit belt that they are going to pay a fee of Twenty thousand Naira. But instead the woman refused and the road safety men went an burst their tyres not minding the pains of the woman in labour saying that Law must be obeyed in any condition.

Macheteros who made this post on Twitter referring the driver as a sister to him said that this act is awful as they would have at least considered the condition of the pregnant woman before taking any action.

Meanwhile Nigerians has been commenting so much about this act and it has been found out that so many are condemning the act of this Road Safety corps.

But what do you think about this, was it right doing what they did? If not what could they have done instead