When it comes to makeup, we are all familiar with it, because makeup is something many young people, especially girls, can do now. The primary school student from Thailand bought his parents a luxurious house with makeup skills.

In fact, this little boy is called Nesty Spicy. Although he is only 13 years old, his makeup skills are amazing. We can see that the makeup on the top may be thought by many people to be a girl. In fact, Nesty Spicy’s makeup technique is so superb that he can make up as a girl.

Because Nesty Spicy liked makeup very much when he was young. Although he was a boy, he was very interested in makeup. Moreover, his makeup skills also made many girls cry out of shame. Judging from his appearance, it is very fashionable.

Moreover, Nesty Spicy’s parents did not prevent him from wearing makeup, but rather strongly supported his son to do it. Their son likes makeup, so let him enjoy it. Moreover, the little boy became popular on the Internet because of his excellent makeup skills. He made a lot of money and later bought a mansion for his parents.

Now Nesty Spicy still wants to take this road, and the family’s family conditions have also improved a lot. His dream of becoming a model in the future, stepping onto the international stage and participating in the Miss Universe competition, was fully endorsed by his parents.