The People of Damboa Escaped While Boko Haram exchanged Fire With Soldiers

Reports indicate that Damboa, the headquarters of a local government in Borno state, is under the attack of Boko Haram terrorists.

Residents said the terrorists came in large numbers around 6:30 am on Wednesday, March 4, and started shooting again and again.

One local resident said that for more than an hour, soldiers from the 25th Battalion in Damboa were exchanging fire with terrorists.

“They came in a lot in hilux cars. We saw about 20 of them before we started fleeing into the bush, ”said one of the local residents.

“They come in two groups. One came north of Sambisa and the other by Alagaruno.

“The soldiers from the 25th Battalion have come in about 30 minutes and still, over an hour, exchanging fire with terrorists.

The attack comes a day after terrorists attacked Bwalakila, a nearby village in Chibok Local Government Area.

A villager said 117 brigades had been thwarted in Chibok, but that they had already stolen food from outside the village.

But Sagir Musa, a spokesman for the army, could not be reached for comment on Damboa’s attack.

A soldier from the battalion said that the troops were guarding the area while receiving support from the Air Force.

“A fighter jet has been fired from the army in Maiduguri,” he said.

“So now we have support from the Air Force, and we are driving the enemy out and protecting the area. Some of them are still there but we have reduced their capacity now.