A seven year old girl was found dead and naked in a trash bin with wounds showing she had been brutally tortured. Before she was found, a newly released CCTV shows a woman walking hand in hand with the girl in Mexico.

Four days after she was reported missing from her school, Fatima Anton brutalized body was found in Tlahuac, Mexico City. She was allegedly kidnapped by the woman in the footage Gladis Hernandez after her husband Mario Najera threatened her that he would abuse their own children if she didn’t bring him a “child girlfriend.”

Mario fled with Gladis and their three children to his aunt’s home in the Mexico State municipality of Isidro Fabela after the death. He asked his aunt, Irma Reyes if she had an extra room they could rent, which she obliged after not seeing her nephew in 16 years but became suspicious of the couple when she saw their faces in the news.

The aunt who didn’t know the couple was absconding from law enforcement confronted them about the allegations. Gladis later told her that her husband had ordered her to bring him a minor as girlfriend. They explained to her how Reyes Nájera grabbed the defenseless Fatima while Cruz Hernández placed a belt around the missing girl’s neck.

Late Fatima’s mother, María Magdalena Antón said that Gladis Hernández once rented a room in her home to escape domestic violence. She was recently living 10 minutes away from their home. She said she never thought Gladis was capable. She added that the fact that Gladis has two little girls also and she never saw her mistreat them made her doubt that she would take the life from hers. She didn’t know her husband and never knew why she would retaliate against her daughter.

Gladis Hernández confessed to the aunt that she and Reyes Nájera killed Fatima when they noticed that authorities were searching for her after she disappeared from School. It is not known when exactly the couple murdered Fatima, whose lifeless body was found inside plastic garbage.

Police and the National Guard raided the house and took Reyes Nájera and Cruz Hernández. The couple tried to bribe the cops and National Guardsmen with $26 right their when they were taken.

The couple has since been arrested, with officials saying their three children, a boy and two girls had evidence of sexual assault, emotional and physical abuse.

Authorities searched the house in the southern Mexico City neighborhood Tuesday night and found clothing and other items belonging to the little girl. They found fingerprints, stains and personal documents belonging to both suspects at the apartment. They also found Fatima’s blood, jewelry and clothes inside the house.

Fatima, has since been buried by her grieving family members, friends and neighbors. The day she was seen leaving the school with Gladis, her mother was about 15 to 20 minutes late to pick her up, according to family members.

The aunt had to turn them in, informing the police about their hideout and also refused the two million Mexican pesos (100, 000USD) bounty offered by police for information on the suspects. She claimed she wants justice not the money.

The children’s maternal grandmother has applied for custody of the tormented children. However, the children will remain in the care of the state until the investigation is over.