A very young girl from Kenya is reportedly committed a suicide yesterday after she got abused by her uncle. Before she involved in that act, we heard that she wrote a suicide not and left it for her father and mother in the house.

A Kenyan reported her case which was attached with a video clip that we couldn’t uploaded here for a reason or the other. KENYA TRENDZ on twitter says, the incident was a shocker to all their family members who heard about it.

In her note, she stated how she has disappointed her parents and brought shame into their house, she said, life is unbearable as she couldn’t continue in it with her uncle who allegedly defiled her.

The news about her uncle in the evil acts hasn’t been very clear to us and we’re promising a very close eyes about it to be giving you the update as it’s going on the case. We believe the right authority will be taking the right action on this not to swept under the carpet.

This is the suicide note reportedly written by her before she gave up the ghost. Read more on this by following us, like, share and have your say by commenting down the box.

RIP to the little girl.