Normally people send their children to school to acquire sense and exposure well we and the parents of a corper named Tobi can’t say same things as he was allegedly accused of raping a 15 year old SS2 girl in torugbene community in delta state.

This lead to anger among the youths of the community who went to the corpers lodge and brutally beat up the corper.

If truth be said there were no evidence to prove that the corper was guilty and still there were no evidence as well to prove his innocence. The 15 year old girl named Timi in her statement said that she was raped in a hotel the previous night and she didn’t tell her mum because she was afraid but she eventually did and the mum raised the alarms that lead to his beating.

Well the girl reportedly will be taken to a hospital for test before further action will be taken on the matter mean while the corper is currently in the army barrack in the village.